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Our Rates

Do you want to hire us?  That's great!
We have a variety of packages to choose from to best meet your needs with excellent prices.

  • Photography
    • Offered are a variety of options to meet your needs.
      • Individual and Family Portrait Shoot
        • $30 per one hour block
        • Includes 1 8x10, 2 5x7, 1 sheet of 9 Wallets, and digital copy of photo
      • Senior Pictures
        • $35 per one hour block
        • Additional fees may be incurred depending on location for shoot
        • Includes 1 8x10, 2 5x7, 1 sheet of 9 Wallets, and digital copy of photo
      • Cosplay/Model Shoot
        • $35 per one hour block
        • Includes digital copies of photos
      • Band Shoot
        • $40 per one hour block
      • Event Photography
        • $200 per four hour block
    • Prices include photo editing
  • Videography
    • Video shot in 1080p
    • Services and Rates includes, but not limited to the following
      • Social Events  - $10 per Hour
        • Graduations
        • Parties
        • Anniversaries
      • Film and Television (Cinematography) - $15 per hour
      • Festivals, Expos, and Conventions - $50 per day of event
      • Music Video - $200
        • HD Digital Copy
        • High Quality Audio recording
        • Audio dubbing
      • Commercials* - $200
        • Audio only also provided
        • Voice over and acting provided - Demos available upon request
        • Social Media Distribution Options Available
    • Included additional services
      • Interviews with guests
      • Event Panel Moderation
    • Video Editing services are not included
  • Video Editing
    • $25 per hour
    • Professional Video Editing services for your production
      • Condensing footage shot to desired length
      • Visual effects
      • Sound Engineering
    • HD Digital Copy + One (1) DVD included
  • Emcee
    • $40 guaranteed four hour fee
      • A $5 fee is applied for every hour after the guaranteed base fee for four hours
    • A "Per Day" retainer fee of $20 per day after first day may be incurred if event is more than one day.
    • Festivals, Conventions, Sporting Events, Parties, etc.
    • Professional Emcee services to ensure your event receives the best in show promotion possible.

Some services include one DVD copy, and a digital copy.  If you wish to order additional DVD's, a $5 per disk fee will be included.  DVD's will include title and chapter menus.  Videos will be professionally edited to include transitions, enhancements to audio and video where needed, and include any other features necessary.

We offer limited social media options to help you share your content.
  • Social Media Assistance
    • We help you upload it to social media.
    • We help you learn how to share it on social media.
      • Facebook
      • Youtube
      • Twitter
      • Tumblr
      • Instagram

* This does NOT include television rotation.  Does not include DVD service.
** Video collected from public venues may not require consent from individuals.

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