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Cameos and Roles

Film, Television, and Radio Roles

Eric has made appearances in a couple film roles in recent years. He has also lent his voice in radio commercial advertisements for a cable service provider in Hiawatha, Kansas.

  • 2009 - Rainbow Communications - Halloween Pirate Voice

Eric also has created a small handful of fan films, parodies, and short genre style films designed for social media consumption.

Notes and Nerds Entertainment Productions

Eric Schuetz as John Connor
Nathan R. Smith as The TermiNATEr
Eric Schuetz as himself
Nathan R. Smith as himself
Damien Schuetz as Teddy Bear Killer
Carolyn Schuetz as The Victim
Eric Schuetz as The POV Victim

Damien Schuetz as herself
Carolyn Schuetz as herself
Pumpkin as The Baby 

In many of the first "season" of episodes, Eric and Nathan would co-write/direct small skits to break up each episode.  Each skit was filled with humor, and a little slapstick.

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