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Thursday, September 16, 2021

What If... Episode 6 (Review)


What If... Killmonger Rescued Tony Stark?

Warning: Spoiler Alerts Ahead

While Tony Stark was Afghanistan, him and his military entourage were attack by The Ten Rings. Tony escapes only to find himself next to a loaded missile with his company's name on it. As the missile starts to detonate, a man gave the missile and throws into the sky. Tony reads the man's name from the tag on his chest... Killmonger. Tony thanks the man for his good deed, and they walk into the sunset together.

But because Tony was saved from The Ten Rings, Iron-Man never came into fruition, and a villain (Killmonger) was given a new beginning. During a press conference, Tony announced that Lieutenant Erik Stevens (Killmonger) was his new chief security officer. From there everything seemed good... but only on the surface. Pepper and Happy have their suspicions about Killmonger true intentions.

Killmonger brings an idea to Tony's attention, to make a battle drone that would make human soldiers obsolete. Tony suggests using the Arc Reactor to power the drones, but Killmonger thinks using vibranium would be a better choice. Tony puts Killmonger's idea into production. However, without a significant amount of vibranium, they are left with no choice but to turn to black market arms dealer "Ulysses Klaue".

During the meeting between Lieutenant Colonel Rhodes and Klaue, things go sour when Blank Panther shows up to take back Wakanda's vibranium. Rhodes and Black Panther are attacked and killed by Killmonger to make it look like a frame job. Killmonger was secretly working with Klaue all along. Killmonger is playing on both sides and playing both sides against each other. Tony figures out what is going on and confronts Killmonger.

Tony releases Killmonger's battle drone against him, Killmonger defeats the drone and kills Tony. Pepper suspects that Killmonger is involved with Tony's death, but can't prove it because Jarvis' hard drive was wipe clean. Killmonger frames Wanaka for Tony's death to spark a war. Killmonger goes to Wanaka to play another angle against the U.S. Military and delivers Ulysses Klaue to Wanaka, because Klaue stole vibranium from Wanaka.

Killmonger's plan works and Wanaka goes to war, but the U.S. Military is using Killmonger battle drone against them. After Wanaka and Killmonger win the war, Killmonger becomes the next Plank Panther. When he enter the realm of the Black Panthers that came before him, he is face to face with T'Challa. T'Challa tells him, that he will get what he deserves for what he has done. In the end Pepper and T'Challa sister (Shuri) band together to show Killmonger's true colors.

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