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Saturday, August 28, 2021

What If... Episode 1 (Review)

What If... Captain Carter was the First Avenger?

Warning: Spoiler Alerts Ahead

During Roger's transformation, something goes wrong and Steve Rogers is injured. Something has to be done and fast. So Agent Peggy Carter takes Roger's place. Peggy is now a super soldier, dawning the title "Captain Carter". Howard Stark helps Steve by building him a suit that is similar the Iron-man suit, called "HYDRA Stomper". During an operation to find Red Skull, the train was rigged with explosives. Instead Bucky falling from the train, Rogers fall into the canyon with the train.

Peggy is now more determined to stop Red Skull. Cater tracks Red Skull to his hidden castle trying to call upon the HDRYA Monster using the tesseract, Bucky find Rogers in Red Skull's dungeon, and Captain Carter sacrifices herself to save Rogers and Stark by pushing the monster back in the portal of the tesseract. Peggy is then pulled from the tesseract by Nick Fury and Hawkeye to be told 70 years had past.

Only Available on Disney+

Marvel Studios' What If...?  (Official Trailer)

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