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Sunday, July 25, 2021

One on One with "L" from Cultus Black

Is he a man? Is he a myth? Is he a musical messiah? Maybe, his is just the blackest black that was ever black within us all.

Known simple as "L", this mysterious lead singer, or secret cult leader, of Cultus Black has been gathering steam to show that he, nor his masked unknown brethren are musically a force not to trifle with. But one of the biggest questions is... who is "L"? Is he normal? Hell, is he even human? Does he have interests outside of  Cultus Black.

WARNING: The following interview is an based on a actual event. Shortly after this event our Interviewer: Nathan Smith, started showing strange and unnormal behavior. He was temporarily committed to a local facility to under go treatment and receive an exorcism performed by a trained priest. Reader discretion is advised.

After I performed a secret ritual, and using the cursed bones of a mocking bird I was able to summon lead singer "L" from Cultus Black. Before "L" would be questioned by me, he demanded spoils from our earth. So I bribed him with a 12 piece bucket of southern fried chicken, enchanted water from the Dead Wood Forrest, pickled cobra eggs, Marvel, and my 24K gold wrist watch. "L" was ready to speak...

Nathan: Can you give a description of the band?

"L": We're not a band we're a cult. 

Nathan: What do you do in the band?

 "L": I play with people's minds.

Nathan: How did Cultus Black come to be?

"L": From a little known pagan ritual,  performed by Korean pop star "Rain".

Nathan: Has Cultus Black come to cleanse the Earth with chaos?

"L": Something like that, yeah.

Nathan: Do the other members have names or initials, or are they unknown entities?

"L": We are all unknown entities. what's in a name really?

Nathan: What is Cultus Black's overall message?

"L": Be your self, and don't let anyone control you or tell you who you are supposed to be. 

Nathan: With all the songs in the Nirvana catalog, why did you choose negative creep?

"L": Because I'm a negative creep... negative creep... negative creep and ahhhhh!!!

Nathan: Do you believe the supernatural exist?

"L": "Look I know the supernatural isn't something that's supposed to happen but it does happen". 

Nathan: Which one comes first for you, lyrics than music or music than lyrics?

"L": Music first. 

Nathan: Favorite horror movie of all time?

"L": The Shining 

Nathan: If you could choose any producer to work with on your next album, who would it be?

"L": Trent Reznor 

Nathan: Would you rather be in the studio or out on tour?

"L": I would rather be on a stage than in the studio any day. 

Nathan: If you had three wishes, what would you wish for?

"L": I would just wish for infinite wishes.

Nathan: If you could only listening to one album for the rest of your life, what would it be?

"L": WWF the music vol. 2

Nathan: DC or Marvel, and why?

"L": Marvel because its better.... all but Batman, Batman is the only saving grace DC has. 

Nathan: Favorite hero and favorite villain (fiction or nonfiction)?

"L": Wolverine and Apocalypse 

Nathan: If you could be any person other than yourself, who would you be?

"L": I can be your hero baby... I can kiss away the pain... I will stand by you forever.. you can take... my breath away.

Nathan: Something you want to try but haven't yet?

"L": touring over seas

Nathan: Would you rather be a vampire, werewolf or a zombie?

"L": Vampire 

Nathan: Which one is more important, Witchcraft: A Handbook of Magic Spells and Potions or The Necronomicon?

"L":  The book of Cultus Black is best. 

Nathan: What words do you have for your fans?

"L": Join the CVLT!

We want to thank "L" for doing this Q&A with us, and everyone make sure you check out Cultus Black!

And Remember to... ha... ha ha ha... ah... HA HAHA... AAHHHH! HAHAHAHA... HA HA HA HA HA!! (uncontrollable laughter)

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