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Monday, July 5, 2021

In This Week... Foo Fighters self-titled was Released

Foo what's it worth; if you haven't heard Foo Fighters self-titled album, you are missing out on one of the mid 90's grunge/rock masterpieces.

26 years ago, Foo fighters released their self-titled album. David Grohl, former drummer of Nirvana had written and recorded the songs all himself. Some of the song David had let Kurt Cobain listen to when Grohl was in Nirvana. Cobain had even showed interest in one of the songs "Alone + Easy Target". But it wasn't until after Cobain's death David Grohl decided to do something with the songs.

Grohl with no band still shopped the demo around. David would enlisted the help of former The Gems/Nirvana guitarist Pat Smear. as well as Sunny Day Real Estate members Nate Mendel (Bass) and William Goldsmith (Drums).

Foo Fighters self-titles was meet with very positive reviews as it hit number 23 in Billboard 200. David Grohl and Pat Smear were able to step out from under Cobain' shadows and have their moment as The Foo. The album sparked 4 singles "This Is a Call", "I'll Stick Around", "For All the Cows", and "Big Me", and 2 music videos "I'll Stick Around" and "Big Me".

              1. This Is a Call
              2. I'll Stick Around
              3. Big Me
              4. Alone + Easy Target
              5. Good Grief"
              6. Floaty
              7. Weenie Beenie
              8. Oh, George
              9. For All the Cows
              10. X-Static
              11. Wattershed
              12. Exhausted

All tracks written by: Dave Grohl.
Dave Grohl – vocals, guitars, bass guitar, drums

Foo Fighters - I'll Stick Around (Official Music Video)

Foo Fighters - Big Me (Official Music Video)

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