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Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Xbox Series X/S vs PS5: An Opinion on the Next Gen Console Wars

Cool.  The gauntlets have been thrown.

Earlier today (Sept 16th) was the PS5 announcement with more game trailers and "gameplay" demos. I put gameplay in quotations because something one should note...that Microsoft got flack the PS5 content was ran on a PC supposedly emulating the games. How about we call it for what it is. The games were demoed on development software kits. That honestly is weird considering the system is already being mass produced, in its final build form. Why not use the real hardware for the video? And what do the YouTube Reviewers do? They applaud Sony on a massive "W" with the reveals. Okay. Sure.

Then we get the announcement of PS Now with Game Pass. Oh, sorry. Um...what did they call it? I don't remember. It was essentially Greatest Hits in Game Pass form. Everyone is applauding, again. Wow, Sony did something amazing. It is so great. Eat that Microsoft! Game what? Pass? What is that? Oh, the same thing that they've been doing for over a year now? Meh. Wait, what? Game Pass has Xbox, XB360, and Xbox One games where the PS Now thing only has PS4 exclusives and the top sellers of the PS4 generation?

Then the price. $499 US for the Full version, and $399 for the digital version. Again, the fanbois are applauding and laughing at Microsoft for having a system with better specs...selling$499 as well. Oh, and that digital version, okay. Sony has a slight edge here with the PS5 digital having the same specs as the disc version. Sony was smart there.

Honestly, both companies reveals have not been all that exciting to me. Do I want them? I want a PS5 digital, and the Xbox Series X. The Series S is intriguing, but it has some potential shortcomings that may make it a bit of an "eh" to me. It definitely is better than the Xbox One S, but I am going to hold off for a few months. I don't need to get these things right now. I also don't feel like experiencing day one issues that tend to happen with new consoles.

All in all, though? Xbox fans are a bit defensive. Why? Because YouTubers make it seem like it is the "cool thing" to shit on Xbox. Not because the console is a lesser system. It isn't. The Xbox One has strong selling points comparable to the Playstation 4. The Series X/S will have very much similar selling points to the PS5. Yes, exclusives matter, but here is the deal. Microsoft isn't like Sony. Microsoft is about software. They are only doing Xbox as a means to give gamers a dedicated system designed entirely around gaming with an affordable price tag (Compare the console to a comparable PC, and you are spending upwards of $1k easily). THey want the games, and the commissions from sales in any manner. Hence why you can actually buy some titles from one store, and play them on any Microsoft based environment.

Needless to say. I am sick of the console wars. I am especially sick of how Sony seems to be this "underdog" in the industry when they have quickly risen to being a dominating player ever since the PSone was released.

Honestly, I am going to go to the next console not because of specs, but because of which ecosystem I am most invested in. Guess which one has had my money for the last several years.

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