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Friday, July 26, 2019

Important Update Regarding Our Social Media Presence

If you are a follower of ours over on Facebook, you may have been aware that we had two pages.  A little redundant, huh?  Well, if you were a follower of them both, but noticed a aren't wrong.  Don't worry, we didn't delete one of them.  We consolidated them into a single page.  Let me tell you why.

There are some scary things potentially brewing over on Facebook.  A few of which we are not entirely certain will affect us, or how.  Regardless, we have also played with the idea of consolidating both the Facebook Notes and Nerds and Notes and Nerds Entertainment pages into a single page.  Both served specific purposes, but also both were rather redundant due to point back to all of the same information.

The purpose of the "Notes and Nerds Entertainment" page was to promote us as a business for hire.  A reliable service provider.  This same information is readily available here on the website.  We also had people that liked/followed the wrong page.  Along with those issues, the wrong page was usually getting tagged in posts.  This is a HUGE issue for people that are going to a page to look for something particular, but can't find it.  We don't need that.

One thing that must be stated is that Notes and Nerds will be pushing more focus into the Twitter page.  The reason for this is a slight shift in social media focus.  As always, we continue to push video content to our YouTube channel.  We also push video content to our Facebook page.  Our video content is not shared from the Facebook platform to other platforms for a variety of reasons related to the various policies and methods Facebook implements elements of their platform, all of which tend to drastically change from year to year.

With YouTube, the methods of which video content can be shared and distributed to various other platforms has not changed in a VERY long time.  If anything, YouTube has made it far easier to share content to other platforms.  We will also be looking into our Tumblr account for more content distribution, even though I personally don't know if there is a valid point to it at this juncture with the website, Twitter, and YouTube.

What about written content?

Well, that is the toughie here.  We do a LOT of shotgun style posts.  Not in the sense that we throw a lot of posts out every day, but more in lines with short form posts containing a graphic and info.  That will be pushed into a more elongated method, much like this particular post.  Offering more news and information, along with graphics similar to our recent Star Trek: Picard article.

TL:DR...We consolidated our two Facebook pages into a single page.  We will be focusing on making the Twitter account more active.  We will be pusing our more long form articles here on the website when we have important news pieces to share.  We will not be abandoning our Facebook page anytime soon, as long as Facebook doesn't make things more difficult for small teams, and individuals like us here at Notes and Nerds.

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