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Sunday, July 21, 2019

Does The New Picard Series Reference a Little Known Borg/Romulan Connection?

The Picard trailer dropped yesterday at SDCC and it has everyone excited. However, did you notice the Romulans and the Borg connection? It's there. Trust us. However, what does that actually mean? Let us break this down.

Let us get started by stating that Picard will take place shortly after Spock vanishes when trying to stop the Romulan central star from going Nova, ultimately destroying Romulus, Remus, and the system. This is important to remember, though.  As the reboot film from 2009 shows, the Narada and the "Jellyfish" are pulled into the subsequent black hole that Spock created.  With that information firmly established, let us focus our attention on Nero's ship, the Narada.  This is VERY IMPORTANT.

According to the prequel comic book, Star Trek: Countdown, the Narada is built using captured Borg technology.  Borg technology.  One more time for those in the back...BORG TECHNOLOGY!

They seem pretty proud of no Assimilations
Now, see here in this image from the trailer where the plaque states that it has been 5,843 days without an...Assimilation?  Specifically that is a little over 16 years.  Why is this important on what appeared to be some sort of Romulan ship/prison?  Well, what if this ship is related to the Narada in the sense that it contains Borg technology that hasn't been fully tested and is dangerous.

Another reason why this is so important is that by the time this series takes place, the Voyager crew has returned to the Alpha Quadrant.  When they made their way back, they dealt a massive blow.  Some thought that this implied that the Borg were essentially destroyed, but this is debatable.  A Borg queen is only in place to establish order and control within the Borg hive.  Much as a queen ant or bee can die in their hive, but that does not mean that the hive is ultimately doomed (as long as a new queen can be established, as can be assumed with the Borg).

It could be debated that the Romulans were able to attain Borg tech from the battle of Wolf 359 that ravaged much of the federation.  Regardless, they got the technology.  However, why is all of this important?  Check out the below image!

You can't see much here due to the lack of clarity in the image (captured directly from the trailer video), but there are ships flying around the cube that clearly looks to be under construction...or being deconstructed.  These ships all have a green look to them.  With the cube clearly having a blue highlight, the green doesn't match up.  When you consider that much of the Romulan ships all have green highlights, especially on the starts to make sense.

What this all boils down to is that the upcoming Picard series has something to do with captured Borg drones.  The girl that comes to Picard may be a drone that had her technology removed, experimented on, and is the key to stopping the Borg once and for all...and to keep the Romulans from learning how to turn the Borg into a controllable weapon.

Curiously, one has to wonder if this is something that manages to tie back into Season 2 of Star Trek Discovery, as well.

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