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Saturday, October 20, 2018

Netflix Axed Luke Cage after Iron Fist

Just a week after we find out that Netflix has cancelled Iron Fist, we hear that Luke Cage has been canned.  What is going on?

This sounds a lot of fans. With Disney closing in on completing the merger with Fox (expected to be official January 2019, and completed about six months afterwards), could we see Daredevil, Jessica Jones, and The Punisher get the "axe after their respective seasons have finished?  The reason for the speculation points to Disney rolling out its planned streaming service sometime next year. Having these shows appear could be a HUGE deal. Honestly, is it a surprise that Disney/Marvel Studios would tighten their grip on the properties, and reign them in closer to the House of Mouse.

This could potentially be a huge blow to Netflix losing these shows, even if it is the actual "creative difference" speal that we have been told. Perhaps Netflix should shop for new a superhero franchises to promote. I hear the Valiant Universe has a slew of recognizable characters to use that haven't been properly tapped.

Back in July, Netflix signed a deal with Mark Millar's Millarworld to create two new series, and three movies based on his properties.  Jupiter's Legacy, and American Jesus will be the two new series. Empress, Huck, and Sharkey the Bounty Hunter will be the three films.

Kick Ass, Wanted, and Kingsmen, all of which are part of the Millarworld brand and were made into films.  

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