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Wednesday, August 22, 2018

The Toy Box - Unboxing Boba Fett

It has been sitting on my shelf for way to long.  His value is no different boxed, or unboxed.  Besides, his packaging is looking rather...beat up.  So I made an executive decision, and I unboxed my "Power of the Force Deluxe Boba Fett"...with pictures.

In the following slideshow, you will see every step of the way from beginning to end of my unboxing this little "gem" of a figure from 1996.  I can already hear some of you out there.  "It's vintage!", or "You'll depreciate its value!".  Well, it is 22 years old, but the overall value of the figure isn't all that different boxed, or loose.  Regardless, I can't pose it, or touch it, or...well, play with it when it is in its box.

I am not a true "toy collector", as I only collect toys that fascinate me.  There is no real theme to it.  Just what catches my eye, and tugs at my nostalgia in some way.  As I never owned a Boba Fett while I was growing up in the era of the original trilogy, this filled that gap...inexpensively.  So, I am doing myself a massive disservice by not taking it out of its package, and showing it some proper toy love.  I have to play with it.

So, sit back, grab a drink, and hit the play button for the unboxing slideshow!

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