Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Keith the Critic Movie Reviews - 20 Worst Films of 2017

2017 had a fair share of films that were definitely not worth our time to go see, let alone the hard earned dollars spent on them.  Let us help you avoid these films down the road.

Here are Keith the Critic's choices for the worst films of 2017!

 1.  Split

 2.  The Book of Henry

 3.  Mother

 4.  Kidnap

 5.  Transformers: The Last Knight

 6.  The House

 7.  The Bye Bye Man

 8.  Life

 9.  Valerian

10. Ghost in the Shell

11.  47 Meters Down

12. Flatliners

13. Kingsman: The Golden Circle

14. Friend Request

15. Table 19

16.  Unforgttable

17.  The Mummy 

18.   Wish Upon

19.   Rough Night

20.   Murder of the Orient Express

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