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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Content Distribution Update

For the last year, or so, we here at Notes and Nerds have been running a "test". That test was in how we distributed content. Primarily news content. Unlike the general concensus seen amongst others outlets similar to ours, we opted for short, single paragraph posts to Facebook supported with a single attached image. That is about to change.

Content is key in this industry, and we can provide better content with more news and perspectives with proper articles. We have used the method of simple short posts on Facebook for the last year or so as an experiment for viability. However, we have seen that our reach was impacted with that style of posting.  Sometimes the information became lost in shares where the images got shared, but the content was stripped.  Times when the content just didn't get shared at all.

Web pages generally get shared with greater frequency.  Why?  Dynamic content.  Content with images, with information, and more details are consumed by you, the reader.  A short paragraph with a singular image doesn't help produce talking points.  We want you to read our content, share it, and discuss it!

RSS feed readers, such as Feedly, are still widely popular and used today.  It provides the reader the ability to gather their information from favorite sources to read later, anywhere.  We also use automation to help us send our content to multiple sources with the greatest of ease.  This reduces the need to repost multiple times.  It ensures that our content reaches you, the reader on whatever social media platform you call home.

So, we hope you are ready, because we want you to have the best experience possible.  We value your opinion, as well.  Please comment below here on this article, or on any of the social media platforms you followed the link from.  We will gladly discuss it with you!

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