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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Changes are Coming...

As the image implies, everything changes.  Notes and Nerds is not immune to such, either.  Changes are coming, and some are going to be shocking.  Others will be saddening.  However, some changes will be exciting, and fun!

Let us discuss the shocking, and possibly saddening changes.

Nathan Smith is no longer a part of Notes and Nerds.  He has branched off to form his own production, with his own shows.  He will be producing Nom Nom Nerd, and Music Hour independently with his own production.

So, something else saddening, but also exciting.  Notes and Nerds will be taking a couple months to restructure, and find a new focus.  Can't be Notes and Nerds with just the Nerd, right?  Don't worry, though.  Notes and Nerds will rebound.  Once we do that, expect some pretty cool stuff in the near future.  Notes and Nerds has been a powerful project over the last 4+ years.  Driven to provide quality shows covering the nerd culture and music scene, we have done that.  The most important thing to continue to consider is that Notes and Nerds is all about quality entertainment, covering comic cons, music shows, and more.

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