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Monday, August 1, 2016

Gordon to be Gray Ghost?

It has been stated that James Gordon is to don some sort of vigilante persona in the upcoming third season of Gotham.  However, who is he going to be?  We are positive we know who!

So far, it seems that the internet is speculating that Jim Gordon will become some proto-Batman for season 3.  However, this makes ZERO sense, as Gordon was never Batman in any of the various continuities of Batman.  Granted, Gotham has taken some significant liberties with a variety of characters, and their origins.  However, this is entirely to far fetched.

What about him becoming Gray Ghost?  This is the most obvious direction to take Gordon.  Gray Ghost was a television character, all the way to being a real vigilante depending on Batman continuity you follow.  In this case, there is apparently no Gray Ghost television shows, or movies in the Gotham universe.

The deal is, Gray Ghost is attributed as the inspiration for young Bruce Wayne to become Batman.  Much of Gray Ghosts detective skills are what inspired Bruce Wayne to hone in on his own detecting skills.

Gotham Season 3 premiers Monday, September 19, 2016.

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