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Saturday, May 28, 2016

Win Every Single Star Wars Original Trilogy Argument EVER!

On of the greatest arguments that plagues geeks and nerds alike today is in regards Star Wars content.  Great arguments may break out while trying to remember if a line in the original trilogy is actually from the original release of the films, or one the many alterations. Is a certain scene originally in the film, or later added deleted sequences?  Settling such an argument can be immensely difficult due to just having a copy immediately available.  Well, look no further!

Marcelo Zuniga's YouTube channel will help you settle virtually EVERY single argument you may ever have regarding whether or not a certain scene happened in the original releases, or not.  More specifically, this particular Youtube Playlist...

On his page, you can also find a playlist for the deleted scenes for Star Wars Episodes I - VI.  He hasn't posted the deleted scenes for Episode VII, but I wouldn't hold my breath on that, either.  Ya know, due to being released by Disney and all.

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