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Thursday, May 19, 2016

Posting News to Social Media

Over the course of the last month or two, we here at Notes and Nerds have been debating the effectiveness of posting news to our website versus posting directly to social media.  Which works better.  We have decided that it would be an interesting experiment to publish news bites directly to social media, and skip writing up lengthy articles.  Why?  Well...

The issue boils down to the fact that news is more and more mobile.  People use apps for Facebook, Twitter, and more.  They don't want to have to leave the social platform they are using to read "more details" about the piece.  More times than not, it seems that the viewer just wants the headline.  So, we take that headline, and we stretch it out a bit more, slap on a poignant image, hashtag it, and post it.

What we are hoping is that it encourages fans to interact with us more.  To be a part of the discussion, instead of us telling you what the discussion was.  Articles, not unlike this, is not a discussion.  It is a posting of information that you consume, and then share.  We want you to consume, share, and interact with us.  We want to try and deliver more.

Why bother leaving the social network, when all you are going to do is reshare the article back onto social media?

Yes, there is the issue of ad revenue.  We do have that concern that we are not pulling advertisement revenue as we would like directly from this website.  However, that is the purpose of sponsorships, and endorsements.  We are very happy to put our sponsors in our videos, and in occasional posts in social media.  Obviously, that is the most effective way for people to know who we like most, and who supports us, especially when Adblockers are prevalent in most browsers today.

Regardless, this post is more about letting you, our readers, know why we don't post much here in the forms of articles.  It isn't because we are being lazy.  We want to get the news and information to you quickly, efficiently, and engagingly.

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