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Sunday, April 24, 2016

Star Trek The Ultimate Voyage 50th Anniversary Concert - A Review

Star Trek has been a source of inspiration, and entertainment for the last 50 years.  Whether it is on television, or in film.  However, one aspect of Star Trek that is always there, and has changed with the show, but never gets the full reverence that the show has always received was the music.  Yes, there is the poignant orchestral pieces that we are familiar with, but there is a breadth of music that many fans may not be completely familiar with.  This tour brings not only the important pieces of the music to the fans, but the familiar background pieces, as well.  Sunday, April 24th, 2016 Nathan and I had the experience of a lifetime.  To sit with a number of other audience members to enjoy this professionally orchestrated concert, and to have a special VIP backstage access.

Going backstage to any concert is always the envy of the fans.  That moment to go and see how the magic is truly made is an experience one should never pass up if possible.  What we got to see is candid, to say the least.  To meet those behind the scenes that make this show happen is a wonderful experience for even the mildly curious.  We were also treated to the moment of meeting the conductor himself.

After meeting a couple individuals, and learning about the concerts coming to fruition; we were treated to a moment in front of the stage, and back.  The moment to see the stage before anyone else was certainly a treat.  No one was on stage, no one was in the way to take away the majestic view of the hard work that goes into producing a set that captures the essence of Star Trek.

To have the opportunity to view the stage like this is a wonderful experience.  There is just so much detail given.

From there we are no left with the event itself.  The concert began at 3PM in the afternoon.  Our senses were bombarded with the intensity of everything Star Trek.  The 40 foot screen had a variety of the best clips from the entire 50 years of Star Trek.  Clips that included various bits of dialog, and at times some of the best quotes and speeches said by a Captain.  There were also the moments of humor that only Star Trek can deliver.

In synchrony with the video is an orchestrated masterpiece of Star Trek symphony.  The orchestra plays each set with only the precision that can be afforded by talent and appreciation of the style of music that Star Trek delivered.  You could sense a feeling of pride, nostalgia, and appreciation for the material being performed.

Outside of the video clips, and the music itself was the lighting.  With each set was light show.  Nothing on the lines of sparks and laser lights, but the proper use of lights and colors to convey the pomp and flair of the piece performed.  The lights truly were professional in the sense that it build the mood, and the sense of style.

"Star Trek: The Ultimate Voyage was amazing.  Never have I experienced anything like this. The live orchestra was playing music from the various Star Trek movies and TV series through the decades against a giant screen that was projecting clips, and footage throughout Star Trek's history. It's was a true cultural masterpiece!" - Nathan Smith

For further information regarding Star Trek The Ultimate Voyage, you can visit the official website for show locations, and dates.

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