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Monday, March 28, 2016

Retro Gaming Nerds Presents - The Atari Jaguar

The Atari Jaguar was the "first" 64-bit console released to the console market November 15, 1994.

The Atari Jaguar was manufactured thanks to a huge deal with IBM to allow Atari to focus on marketing. However, Atari did not handle marketing very well. The idea apparently went into the "Do The Math" campaign that being a 64-Bit console would be enough to push the system into homes. However, the aging market was not falling for what was being delivered by Atari.

Games were lacking in polish, and graphically failed to distinguish them from existing Genesis and SNES 16-Bit games. Thanks to chip expansions being built into the Super Nintendo games, such as the FX Chip that powered games like Star Fox, Doom, and Super Mario RPG, Atari was hurting badly. The controller also tended to "confuse" gamers...or perhaps more the parents(?) that were buying the consoles.

In an attempt to help extend the life of the console, the Atari Jaguar CD unit was released. However, this expansion was plagued with shoddy design and construction. It was prone to failure right out of the box. This makes the CD add-on highly sought after, for a working unit, today.

Discontinued in 1996, the Atari Jaguar failed to pull Atari out of a horrible slump. Confusing chip architecture, games lacking polish, and a lack of proper 3rd party support pushed the Jaguar to an early grave.

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