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Thursday, September 24, 2015

Notes and Nerds S03E19 - TopCon Coverage Part 2

Did you love part one? Well, here is Part Two of our TopCon Geek Expo coverage! We have more great interviews for you, including Airship Gypsy's Gold, John Clark, KC Brick Lab, and Gypsy himself!

We do wish to express our apologies to Boom Comic's own Deadpool and Punisher COSPlayers, and Steamworks and Shadows. There was some unforeseen technical difficulties that rendered the interviews unuseable. However, we will be getting them back on our show soon!
We do want you to know, this isn't the end, however! We have TWO MORE episodes coming soon. One with IBOTs (Iron Bros of Topeka) and Eric Collins with his impressive Star Trek Collection!

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