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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

The Crow Film is STILL Happening

As we all know, Relativity Media has filed bankruptcy.  In doing so, they are unable to pursue the films that they have had in the works now.  However, one film that is believed to be in production limbo hell may be that of its namesake and rise from its own demise to flourish elsewhere.
In case you didn't gather that this is about "The Crow", then...we are talking about "The Crow".  Again, Relativity has filed bankruptcy.  This means that they are having either close shop on a lot of productions, or sell them off to make up some money.  However, it doesn't sound as if The Crow license wasn't solely in the hands of Relativity.  The actual owners of the license may actually be the Weinstein Company.  This makes sense when one considers the issues that were at hand between them and Relativity a year or so ago.

So, with The Crow license being with The Weinstein Company, they have the option to find a new production studio.  Well, it isn't all that "cut and dry", but that is essentially what the man that created the Crow has said.

While in attendance at the Kansas City Comic Con, we found Mr. O'Barr's booth, and was allowed an opportunity to conduct an interview.  This interview appears on our day 2 Part 2 video from KCCC.  However, we did manage to ask a question off camera.  "Was the "Crow" film DOA thanks to Relativity going bankrupt?"  James O'Barr stated that the license holders are looking at four other studios to take up the reigns of the film.  He stated that the cast is all lined up.  The script is ready (which he himself has a hand in writing).  Everything is in place except for a studio to produce the film.  It even sounds that the director currently attached will carry over.

We didn't get any time scale on how everything is flowing currently, as it is in a state of flux due in thanks to Relativity Media.  However, the film is happening.

Last note.  For those upset that this "reboot" is happening, and upset over the fact that Brandon Lee was a part of the original.  Mr. O'Barr stated that this is going to be more on line with the original comic book.  He stated that he has no intention of ruining the memory of Brandon Lee's performance from the original film.

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