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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Notes and Nerds "What's in the Box!?" Lootcrate Picture Edition

The July +Loot Crate has arrived, and the theme is Heroes 2!  It is their first ever "Sequel Box".  What was in it?  Well how about we show you?

Before I get into the goodies, and such...I really want to share with you all that the reason we are doing this crate as a blog with pictures and not a video is due to some scheduling conflicts.  We want to get this unboxing out as quickly as possible, but we just couldn't get a video shot in time to be a fun experience for you all.  So with that out of the way, let us begin!

 First off, we have a kick ass box.  Now, we all know that the Loot Crate boxes all come to our doorsteps as a black box that says "Loot Crate" on it.  As you can see, the box doesn't look that way.  I decided to go on ahead and turn it inside out and let you see what the inner design was.  It is a pretty cool "apartment complex" design, but what does it mean?  What is it meant to convey?

Well, when I opened the box, I got my answer! Inside was a very AWESOME set of goodies that go oh-so-well with this design.

Inside is a plethora of awesomeness.  What immediately catches your attention is the Q-Pop figure.  What is the figure?  Well, the '66 TV Batman posing in an epic pose that only Batman can pose for!

What really makes this figure stand out is upon removing him from his box, you can do some pretty cool stuff with him.  First, the flag post has a film on the flag.  Remove that and use the included marker to write anything you want on it.  Kind of cool, but I am just going to leave him alone.  I do not wish to disturb the awesome.

That is by far the coolest item in the box, but that isn't meaning that everything else was "meh".  Oh, no no no!  There is a lot of great goodies that were included.  So, check out the following images, wipe the drool when you are done, and enjoy.

I would like to make a quick announcement for future Loot Crate unboxings.  This appears to be our final unboxing until further notice.  We have to discontinue our subscription due to budgetary concerns.  As you all may know, we do this all out of our own pockets, and things like this aren't cheap.  If you wish to help us out, PLEASE become a patron by clicking here.  Every little bit you give us on a monthly basis helps us bring you content like this.  Thank you for your patronage.

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