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Monday, January 26, 2015

Star Wars RotJ Deleted Scene You May Not Remember

As the years have gone by, more and more deleted scenes from the original Star Wars trilogy have surfaced.  Many, if not all, have finally found their way to the last Blu-Ray set released a couple of years ago.  However, with all of the content the bonus materials provided, many have gone "unnoticed".  Some have been considered lost, but it would appear that George Lucas kept everything, even if it made him a liar.

It seems that a copy of an impressive scene was released to Youtube by a fan that copied it from the disk.  With that in mind, the video may not stay up on Youtube for to long, even though it has been up since 2011.  Check it out below!

In that scene, you start off with the familiar scene showing Darth Vader's arrival on the incomplete Death Star.  It then leads into a portion of the deleted scene showing Vader entering an elevator to his personal chamber to attempt to psychically persuade Luke Skywalker to join him in the dark side.  During that, we see Luke completing his personal lightsaber finally, or at the least repairing it.  After that, we see C-3PO and R2-D2 outside of the cave Luke was in with a background shot of the Milenium Falcon as the droids begin making their way to Jabba's Palace.  Shame it wasn't included in the final release to not show Luke preparing to save Han Solo, but more to show the daily torment Luke must have dealt with having Vader constantly badger him about joining the family business.

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