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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Retro Gaming Nerds S01E06 - Defender for the Atari 5200

It's that time of the week folks!  A brand new episode of Retro Gaming Nerds is out.
This week, Adrian is subjected to Defender on the Atari 5200.  Remember, last week he did not enjoy his experience with Stargate (Defender 2).  Well, it was even worse this week.

Defender was developed by Williams Electronics in the arcades, and licensed the title to Atari to be developed for the home.  The premise of the title is to fly left and/or right through a horde of alien invaders, protecting astronauts on the surface of the unnamed planet below.  The aliens attempt to capture, and take the astronauts to "space" and turn them into mutants.  Defeating all of the aliens on each level, along with any mutants that may have been created, results in the completion of the level.

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