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Saturday, January 24, 2015

Archery at its Coolest!

Okay, so how can we make archery nerdy?  Compare the art form to what we see in CW's "Arrow"!

So, Oliver Queen is an experienced archer that does what appears to be impossible moves with a bow and arrow.  He pulls of moves that you would obviously assume can not be done in real life.  However, he may actually be more realistic that we could have EVER thought!

Lars Andersen, an accomplished archer from Denmark (or the relative area as he is Danish), has been recently reviving the original art form that is Archery.  He has been studying historic documents that prove that a majority of everything seen on tv and movies (including modern techniques used by the Arrow) are completely wrong.  Okay, maybe not necessarily wrong, but definitely not how it used to be.

In the video below, you will see him not only demonstrate his abilities with NO camera tricks, but also narration explaining the history, and the techniques he is demonstrating.  Seriously some amazing stuff in this video.  You can not help but draw (hehe) comparisons to what you see on Arrow when Queen pulls off some cool stunts with his bow and arrow.

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