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Friday, December 5, 2014

Terminator Genisys...Confusing Reboot or Sequel?

The trailer for Terminator: Genisys was released yesterday, and here are my thoughts on the outlook of this film.  They may not be pretty.

Okay, so the new trailer has hit for the film, but is it something to get excited about?  I do not honestly think so.  "Why?", you ask?  Simple.  In an attempt to reboot the franchise, they didn't reboot anything!

Here, just watch the trailer, and I will then explain afterwards.

We have all been anticipating the "reboot" of the franchise ever since Terminator Salvation was released, starring Christian Bale as John Conner in the future.  That film wasn't received very well by critics and fans of the series.  So, it would appear that the film is essentially being ignored here.  Why do I come to this conclusion?  First, you ask a lot of questions...albeit very good ones.  Second, John Connor is NOT being played by Christian Bale this time.  Instead we get Jason Clark.  Not sure why we are getting a recast, other than the most likely reason being Bale not being interested.  That is rather odd considering Salvation was intended to kick off a new trilogy.

So, the re-reboot.  This isn't actually a reboot at all.  If you were paying close attention (meaning you half heartedly watched the trailer), you would have noticed that this film is basically referencing the first and second films outright.  Jai Courtney now portrays Kyle Reese, and Emilia Clarke is Sarah Connor.  Now, personally, I am fine with Emilia Clarke as Sarah, but Courtney as Kyle Reese just doesn't seem to sit well.  I guess the idea that Kyle was a "normal" kind of guy.  Not one that was muscular, and well above average in build and looks.  I guess the director/producers didn't think an "average joe" would be "sexy" to Sarah Connor.  It also really completely spits in the face of the very movies it is a SEQUEL to!

Yes, a sequel.  Well, more of a reboot of a sequel.  This whole trailer made me think of it being more of a Terminator 2 reboot.  They seemingly sent a T-101, or T-800, terminator back to...whatever time frame they are going to roll destroy the T-101 that was originally sent back to kill Sarah.  Since then, he has been her sidekick bodyguard up to when Reese appears.  So, this still plays out to about the time before Sarah has John...but what all impact does it have on the future that Kyle came from?  It sounds as if that future was altered as soon as Kyle accepted the ride to live.

Something that kind of bothers me, along with everything else, is the Kyle-Sarah relationship.  Sarah was a scared, innocent young woman in the first film.  She fell for Kyle because he felt "safe".  He wasn't the type of guy that seemed imposing.  He was "normal" looking.  Courtney doesn't look that way at all!  However, considering Sarah is hardened into a soldier determined to save mankind, she may find him "suitable" to give her the seed of life to spawn John.  Then again, if she believes that her and Kyle can indeed stop Judgement Day, she may not feel the need to "do the deed" to give life to John Connor.  If that is the case, then this completely alters the overall story, and creates a HUGE paradox...meaning that Kyle would never have been sent back at all, nor the T-101/800, or even the T-1000 to finish the assassination job the first Terminator failed to do.  It gets really confusing when you throw in time travelling paradoxes.  Essentially, in order for Kyle to get sent back, along with the side kick terminator for Sarah, John HAS to be conceived in order for the time line to remain intact for the events to unfold.  However, we are talking about Hollywood logic here.

Regardless, I will see this film.  Am I excited to see it?  Nope.  I actually liked Salvation, and felt that it was a great staging point to see the "War with the Machines" from a future time line perspective that leads up to when John and Kyle infiltrate the time machine facility.

If Skydance and Paramount really wanted to reboot the franchise, why not move away from the previous four films completely, and just revamp the franchise with a clean fresh slate?  Perhaps they just wanted to stay away from ANOTHER origin story, and just dive in and this made the most sense in doing so.

Eh, oh well.

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