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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Fantastic Flop?

All across the interwebz, we are hearing about new information regarding the Fantastic Four reboot.  Some of the news has been mind blowing "WTF?" material.  Others, well...more "WTF?" news.  This is NOT boding well for the franchise reboot from Fox.  Not one bit.

First, we get news that The Human Torch will not be a caucasian character, which is fine and dandy mind you, but will be cast as black man portrayed by Michael B. Jordan.  Now, the only reason I am having an issue here is that Sue, and Johnny are brother and sister.  Unless we go with an adopted sibling scenario, or their parents were biracial; this is going to be pretty hard to explain.

We are also being told that this will be some kind of "gritty realistic film" where we see the team in a way that we would be able to envision them happening in real life.  If this is the case, the superpowers are going to be pretty hard to sell to the audience.  What sells a superhero film is the suspension of disbelief that something like mutants, invading aliens, rich people with power armor, and super serums could exist.  Films like Christopher Nolan's Batman trilogy had an air of realism to them because the films didn't do anything that would outright defy the laws of reality, to a point.

In a "realistic setting", explain how a man can stretch like a rubber band, light up like a ball of fire, or be mutated into a rock monster.  I just don't see this being feasible.

Next to this list of "WTF's" is the complete reinvention of Doctor Doom, aka Victor Von Doom.  No longer is he going to be a monarch from Latveria, but now will be some angry blogger/programmer.  All that I can come out of this is that Victor Domashev (Yes, he is even getting a FRAKKING NAME CHANGE!!!) is some type of "evil hacktivist hell bent on destroying social norms" or something stereotypical from a director who thinks he is edgy and wants to "reinvent" something that isn't broken.

This new and not at all improved version of "Doctor Doom" will be played by Toby Kebbell.

With all of these changes that Fox is doing to the Fantastic Four, I can understand why Marvel is killing off the comic book franchise, and is showing public displays of annoyance with the studio.

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