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Friday, November 21, 2014

10 Theme Food Items Made By Nerds

Delicious geeky treats that will inspire you to make your own!

Many of these dishes are simply nothing more than creative alterations to existing recipes.  To make your favorite dish, just take your currently existing, and favorite, recipe.  Use some imagination.  Next thing you know, you have some amazingly delicious treats with an imaginative, and geeky twist.

1. Vader Sauage Rolls

2. Captain's Sheild

3. Zombie Boiled Egg

4. Chemistry Cookies

5. Links Sheild

6. Creepers Rice Crispy Treat

7. Ninja Turtles Pancakes

8. Super Mario Bros Sushi Bowls

9. Tetriminos Chocolates

10. Green Apple "Ectoplasm" Soft Taffy

As you have seen, many of these delights were made using existing recipes, such as Rice Krispie Treats, or Sugar Cookies, with some imaginative coloring, and decorations.  Have fun!

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