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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Imagine Dragons Single "Warriors" Released SPECIFICALLY for League of Legends

Are you a League of Legends fan?  How about an Imagine Dragons fan?  How about a fan of both?  Well, if so, you will love this little announcement!

As the title of this blog states, Imagine Dragons has released a new song specifically, and exclusively for League of Legends.  Imagine Dragons are "level 30" players of League of Legends, according to Riot Games CEO and co-founder Brandon Beck.  He calls them "legit gamers, part of why the collab was so fun."  You can tell that Imagine Dragons really understood the concept to what LoL is all about within the lyrics, and the video, itself.  It captures the competitive nature of League of Legends, and demonstrates the emotions within the game.

What really makes this all really cool is that the song is exclusively available for download from the League of Legends website for FREE.  You can also watch the video there, as well.  However, why not check out the video here, and then go download the track there.  Speaking of which, here ya go.

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