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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Come And Knock On Our Door... We've Been Waiting For You!

Three's Company Movie Fan Cast

Three's Company TV series that aired from March 1977 to September 1984. The story was about 3 single roommates "Janet, Chrissy, and Jack" who live to together in an apartment building owned by Stanley Roper and Helen Roper, later to be owned by Ralph Furley.

The show was legendary, funny, corky and sexy. It's would be very groovy to see it come to the big screen

Three's Company

Jason Ritter as Jack Tripper

Kristen Stewart as Janet Wood

Elisha Cuthbert as Chrissy Snow

Christopher Walken as Ralph Furley

James Franco as Larry Dallas

Michael Douglas as Stanley Roper

Helen Mirren as Helen Roper

Cassandra Peterson as Lana Shields

Three's Company Theme Song

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