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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Dj DIESEL Gets Flushed By S.T.E.W.

If you haven't heard of Dj DIESEL, we're not surprised! Dj DIESEL is a DJ from Northeast Kansas, who has been around for 2 years. Dj DIESEL not a traditional  DJ, he looks like a rejected Slipknot member and musically he sounds like a hardcore industrial version of Deadmau5. 

Dj DIESEL has released 3 studio albums "Rise Of The Beat", "The Beat Continues...", and "Fall Of The Beat". He also has a combo album "The Beat" Trilogy and 1 single "F#ck You!". In mid August he will be release another single "Mädchen auf Mädchen" (Girl On Girl) and his forth and final studio album "A Better Drug" to be released September 1st.

You may wonder, why stop? Well, Dj Diesel was only able to barely breakthrough onto the music scene and have a small fan base. Dj DIESEL wasn't well received by mass listeners, even though he is highly praised by his fans.

The man behind Dj Diesel is Nathan Smith, He is also the mastermind and the voice behind such Kansas/Missouri base bands like Still-Born, Digitally Remastered, The Out Busters, River Bottom Nightmare, The Hammer, and Blood Moon Rising. Nathan Smith has been working on S.T.E.W. (Stand Together Either Way) a Punk/Techno/Hip Hop project. S.T.E.W. music is anti-government and anti religious but with heavy "United We Stand" overtones. S.T.E.W. is Smith's next stepping stone to kick in the door of music reality.

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