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Saturday, August 16, 2014

15 Actors/Actresses That Could Play Famous Musicans

In the century of Cinema there hasn't be as many movies about famous musicians (dead or live) made as there should be.

Call it in lack of creativity, or just maybe it's easier to remake past movies. Well, one thing I (myself) don't lack is creative when comes to just about everything. I really enjoy an actor or actress that can inbody their character and bring them to live on the big screen. So here are my chooses of 15 Actors/Actresses That Could Play Famous Musicians.

John Singleton as 2 Pac Shakur 

Chris Brown as Bob Marley

Gerard Butler as Bono

Derek Hough as David Bowie

Hugh Jackman as Bruce Springsteen

Hayley Williams as Cyndi Lauper

Sacha Baron Cohen as Freddie Mercury

James Franco as Jeff Buckley

Jason Schwartzman as Keith Moon

Joe Anderson as Kurt Cobain

Alexis Arquette as Marilyn Manson

James Roday as Jim Morrison

Mark Salling as Brad Nowell

Mike Myers as Stevie Ray Vaughan

David Tennant as Weird Al Yankovic

If you have some ideas of actors or actresses that could play a famous musicians, then please comment below and your choice could be featured  in the next: Actors/Actresses That Could Play Famous Musicians Pt 2.

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