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Saturday, July 26, 2014

The New Look of Wonder Woman

Well, we have all been wondering what the new Wonder Woman costume would look like, and more specifically what Gal Gadot would look like as the Amazonian.  Well, I think our questions have officially been answered.

Look at that promotional still above!  The costume appears to be taking on a more "naturalized leather" look...which if given the proper reason works out.  The Star Spangled looked can come later.  Gal Gadot has obviously been getting into shape to fill out the role a lot better than what she would have if she would have retained the uber-thin look from the Fast and Furious franchise.

What I like about this costume is that it retains a great deal of the familiar look of the traditional Wonder Woman costume.  Yet looks "fresh" and new enough to keep things interesting.

Personally, as long as the story comes together with a strong plot, and proper direction; I am looking forward to this Batman v Superman film.  On top of that, with the speculation on Green Arrow and The Flash (possibly bringing in the TV series into the DCCU), we could have us an amazing Justice League film!

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