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Friday, July 18, 2014

The Toxic Avenger Will Cometh!

The Toxic Avenger V: The Toxic Twins, The Toxic Avenger (Reboot), and The Toxic Avenger (Fan Cast).
It's official, The Toxic Avenger V: The Toxic Twins is coming! In the next Toxic movie The Avenger will have two children who are twins! One baby is Toxies, the other is his evil twin The Noxious Offender (villain of Toxic Avenger 4). Other than a few on the set photos, the shooting seems to be under wraps.

Director Steve Pink plans to reboot the classic 1984 cult horror. Writer Daniel C. Mitchell has penned the updated screenplay which will reportedly turn the campy, sex-filled original into a family friendly PG-13 flick. The cult classic centered on a "stereotypical 98 lb nerd weakling" who gains superhuman strength after falling into a drum of toxic waste and uses his powers to battle the local crime gangs. A few names have been flying around like Arnold Schwarzenegger,  John Travolta, and Tom Cruise. But nothing is set in stone yet.

Here is our cast pick for The Toxic Avenger (Reboot)...

    Michael Cera as Melvin       

John Cena as The Toxic Avenger

Katie Cassidy as Claire

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