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Thursday, July 10, 2014

The Camera Chick's POV

How we doin', kids? Bri here, AKA The Camera Chick, or as the Head Geek likes to call me, The Laugh Track Department. (Thanks, Eric!) Since it's only fair that the guys get to blog, why not the Camera Chick? I can share the moments that I have experienced with two of the most nuttiest guys I know. (Lord, help me......) Of course, it's not all fun and games when recording the show. If you check out Eric's previous blog about what goes on behind the scenes, you can get an idea about what happens. There is some seriousness, but I also like to include the silliness. I usually like to press the record button during breaks between taping and before they are ready to film their segments. That's where you get the bloopers from. You're welcome!

What can I say? I like to see the goofy side of people. It shows that you don't have to take everything seriously all the time. Let loose! Cut some slack! Get crazy! Well, not to the point where it's going to hurt somebody. Just nuts!! When it comes to these two, there is a lot of crazy going on. Joking, laughing, pranks, the constant play fights, etc. Shows that we are like everyone else that loves to have fun. Plenty of things to show!

As for the serious side of it, there has to be. Especially when you have been sitting there for hours waiting for these goobs to finish so you can get other things done! Pretty hard to when the silliness comes into play. Shake all that out. Start filming. Oops! Have to start over! Missed the cue. What was I gonna say? Oh, yeah! Start recording again. Dang it! Do it over again. Yeah, all that hot mess! It's worth it, though. When the finished product comes out, can't help but to be proud of it. I may be behind the scenes of this loopy show, but I know that I am a big part of it. And, I'm glad!

There are times where I want to whack them in the heads and yell out, "CAN WE GET THIS DONE ALREADY?!" There is no rushing a good show that's going to be put up in a day or so. Like I said, it's worth it. It's worth putting up with all the goofy things they chuck out. The slip-ups, the missing dialogue, revising the script, further research, and just Nathan and Eric, in general. They are quite an adventure. Enjoy the show, kids! I know I do!

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