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Monday, July 28, 2014

Bruce Campbell Reprising Role of Ash

Yup, so some big news is making rounds right now for all of us Deadites!  Bruce Campbell will be returning to his titular role of Ash in an Evil Dead television series!

This is HUGE news to fans.  As shows like The Walking Dead, The Strain, American Horror Story, and other genre defining televisions shows of the ilk are making headway on television and cable networks, it was only a matter of time.

Sam Raimi has declared that he, and his brother Ivan along with Bruce Campbell, are working on the script for the Evil Dead TV series.  This was all announced at the #SDCC in Hall H during a discussion on the Raimi directed "The Last of Us" video game to movie adaptation.  Some speculation is that the latest Evil Dead movie...a reboot...was actually a sequel in the series.  The TV show will somehow bring Army of Darkness, the new "reboot", and the original two films all back to a central point in the series...somehow...maybe.  Of course, as I said...speculation.

Of course, there is also this little "teaser" piece after the credit roll in the 2013 Evil Dead "reboot" to consider.

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