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Monday, June 23, 2014

Star Woes - Harrison Ford's Broken Leg

So, as it is pretty much "old news" now, we all know Harrison Ford broke his leg while shooting a scene and a door fell on him.  Original reports weren't certain the extent of the injury, or the amount of time he would have to miss.  Now we know details that say he will be out of action for up to six months.

So, what does this mean for the next installment of the Star Wars franchise?  A lot!

The announced release date is December 2015.  That is a mere 18 months away.  Anyone that has any inkling of the process of filming big movies knows that principle filming is anywhere around 5 or 6 months alone.  Special effects and reshoots add to that.  Then there is marketing, publicity stunts, and more that goes on after the film is essentially ready.

The way things are looking, Disney will either have to postpone the film for an additional 6 or so months (Don't forget rehab on that isn't easy, I know), or they write Harrison Ford into a secondary roll with less action sequences.  The problem with both of these scenarios is that Han Solo was being written as the main character lead for Episode VII.  What I am saying, they would have to do a COMPLETE rewrite of the script.  That would end up tacking on more time, regardless.

So, why not do this.  Remember Tron 2?  Why not get a body double to stand in for Harrison Ford during scenes that require him in action sequences, or sequences with a lot of movement that he will have trouble with?  In those scenes, you digitally implant Harrison Fords head onto the doubles they did with Jeff Bridges.  It would work, and work well it will.  I am sure Disney can afford the additional costs to do this in order to keep the film moving forward.

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