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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Memory Loss Caused by Prolonged Stress?

According to a study, done by the University of Iowa, suggests that there is a potential link regarding increased stress hormones causing short-term memory loss in older adults.

Apparently when our bodies produce large amounts of cortisol - basically it is a hormone that is produced when we humans become stressed - it can potentially cause us to suffer from short-term memory loss later in life. That doesn't mean that producing this hormone is a bad thing. Our bodies need small amounts at a time for natural stability and survival. We need this hormone to promote coping when dealing with acute stress, to keep us on our toes, such as a break up or the discontinuation of your favorite perfume. Just kidding on the perfume, unless that perfume means so much to you. Large amounts being released, for instance, when dealing with chronic stress, such as untreated depression, can be detrimental to our health.

As a person who deals with high amounts of stress everyday (nurse), I can believe it. Simple things, like remembering where my keys are and knowing route directions that I have traveled frequently, have become very easily forgotten. I constantly lose my thoughts -- sometimes as it is currently rolling off the tong....

....what? <<< See there it goes! Not really. :)

Of course, this would just be one of many factors that could cause memory loss. It is one that also can be prevented. Don't forget to smile, laugh, and enjoy the small moments in life. When you see a person steaming mad and it appears their eyes are about to pop out, take a second to tell a joke or, if they aren't easily weird-ed out, give them a little tickle. Most people secretly love being tickled.

This was just a quickie on something my brain found interesting! For further information on this subject please click on the link below:

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