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Thursday, June 26, 2014

BATTLETOADS "The Movie"... ?

Sorry, but No! There is no BATTLETOADS movie coming out, This is just my "BATTLETOADS" cast picks.

Even as a kid, I loved played Nintendo's BATTLETOADS and always thought a movies based on this game would be awesome. Well, it's now 2014 and a BATTLETOADS Movie has never even been talked about. So, This is is my BATTLETOADS cast picks.

                                                      Andrew Garfield as Dave Shar/Rash

                                                   Michael B. Jordan as Morgan Ziegler/Zitz

                                                      Taylor Lautner as George Pie/Pimple

                                                   Ian McKellen as Professor T. Bird (Voice)

                                                    Jennifer Lawrence as Princess Angelica

                                                           Nikki Bella as Dark Queen

                                                      Jess Harnell as Robo-Manus (Voice)

                                                           Ben Barnes as Silas Volkmire

                                                         Charles Adler as Big Blag (Voice)

                                                 Robby Benson as General Slaughter (Voice)

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