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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

A Predator Reboot

This doesn't appear to be a "rumor" at all!  From the way The Hollywood Reporter is talking, 20th Century Fox is pushing forward with a reboot to the original "Predator" film.  No date has been set just yet, as a treatment is still being worked on.

However, there is already a director and script writer already attached.  Shane Black is writing the initial treatment for the film, and will be directing the film.  Check out his link and see what he has done!  I feel good about him heming the project.  Script duties are falling on to Fred Dekker.  He has done screenplay duties on Robocop 3, and the classic The Monster Squad.

John Davis, who produced the original Predator in 1986, will be producing the reboot, as well.

As far as how the reboot will be handled, there are no details right now.  However, considering the various movies since the first one, the franchise is in need of a reboot.  2010's Predators failed to spark interest in the film by giving fans a glimpse of the social ecology of the Predator species.  The two Alien vs Predator films also failed to capture enough interest, mostly due to not following the concepts established by Dark Horse Comics in their venerable AVP franchise.  Paul W.S. Anderson, and The Brothers Strause neither was able to capture the audiences with their stories, especially when Requiem failed to follow canonical Predator "ethics of combat" within the film.

Personally, as a Predator fan, I am hoping that the reboot retains much of the familiarity of the Predator species with very little (if no) alteration to the creature design.  Why fix what really wasn't broken from the franchise?

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