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As the title to this page implies, you can "hire" us to cover your media event!

Folks, as an up and coming web news and media production team in the Nebraska/Kansas/Missouri tri-state area, we are always on the lookout to do fun, and interesting things.  This includes coverage of events.  What we mean here is that you can hire us to cover conventions, music festivals, weddings, commercials, and MORE!

Since the beginning of 2013, we have honed in our skills with producing quality content for online consumption via social media outlets.  These include Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, Tumblr and Google+.  We (currently) use consumer software from Cyberlink, along with online tools such as Google+ Hangouts for live Hangouts on Air, Facebook Livestream, and Instagram for burst, or micro, videos.

We want to offer our skills to you.  If you need a media presence for your event, someone with a small footprint, then we are the team for you.  We bring to the table an excited attitude with the "shoot everything" mentality to ensure we get the most quality shots for you.  A team that knows how to conduct interviews that are fun, lighthearted, and to the point.  A team that prides itself on professionalism, yet being personable.  A team that knows how to make a LOT out of a little.

If this sounds exactly like what you want check our our rates and services by clicking the image below!

Email us and ask us about further details, or you can just email us telling us about your requirements regarding coverage of your event.

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