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So where did "Notes and Nerds" come from?

One day in December of 2012, Notes and Nerds was created for a love of music, and awesome geek/nerd culture.  From there, ideas to to create a new show was discussed to merge the two together.  Something that would feature both a musical nature of the show, yet embraces geek/nerd culture.  From there, "Notes and Nerds Entertainment" was born.

Notes and Nerds is a show all about geek and music culture.  This includes movies, television, music, comics, video games, interviews, and more.  Notes and Nerds has a monthly episode all about Loot Crate unboxings! Notes and Nerds also brought viewers coverage from a variety of conventions in the Nebraska/Kansas/Missouri area, such as Planet ComiconKansas City Comic ConTopCon Geek Expo, Empower ComicCon, and others; interviews with local talent, and artists, and cosplayers COSplayers.  These shows can be found right here on the website.

Notes and Nerds Entertainment is recognized as a professional production that brings engaging, and fun web shows to viewers.  We encourage you to subscribelikefollow, and +1 us.  Your support means a LOT!

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