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So where did "Notes and Nerds" come from?

One day in December of 2012, Notes and Nerds was created for a love of music, and awesome geek/nerd culture.  From there, ideas to to create a new show was discussed to merge the two together.  Something that would feature both a musical nature of the show, yet embraces geek/nerd culture.  From there, "Notes and Nerds Entertainment" was born.

Notes and Nerds is a show all about geek and music culture.  This includes movies, television, music, comics, video games, interviews, and more.  Notes and Nerds brings viewers coverage from a variety of conventions and music festivals in the Nebraska/Kansas/Missouri area.  Conventions include Planet ComiconKansas City Comic ConTopCon Geek Expo, Empower ComicCon, ICT Comic Con, Little Apple Comic Expo, and others.  Music Festivals include Trails West! Festival, ROCKSTOCK, and more!  At these events, Notes and Nerds gets hard hitting interviews with local talent, artists, musicians, cosplayers, and celebrities.  Notes and Nerds has also participated in Panels at various comic cons, and emceed music festivals.  Episodes can be found right here on the website.

Notes and Nerds Entertainment is recognized as a professional production that brings engaging, and fun web shows to viewers.  We encourage you to subscribelikefollow, and +1 us.  Your support means a LOT!

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