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Monday, December 27, 2021

The Final Goodbye!

Thanks you for making these past 9 years so special!

After nine long years, it's time to close that chapter on Notes and Nerds. Eric Shcuetz and I (Nathan Smith) have push and shove Notes and Nerds up that high mountain and now we are are old and tired. We have done some many amazing things as the duo of Notes and Nerds, we have got to meet so many amazing people over the past nine years, and we were apart of so many cons, events, and concerts.

On December 31st, 2021 will start deactiving N&N socail media sites but both Youtubes will stay up.

Yes. Music Hour, Nom Nom Nerds, and Back in the Day is cannon. They're apart of the "Notes and Nerds" universe along with the Retro Gaming Nerds and The Existential Nerd.

Notes & Nerds would like to thank...
Iron Bros of Topeka, Little Beard, Brass Engine Production, Worst Comic Podcast Ever, The Puppet Forge, Raider Guys, Rob Fuller, OhMySophii, Fred Ottman, Tom Wopat, John Schneider, Fred Williamson, Patrick Barnitt, Aaron Rabe, Doug Jones, Jason O'Barr, Naomi Grossman, GiGi Edgley, Another Castle Creation, ICWXP, KC COSProps, Dilynn Fawn Harvey, Chuck Huber, Mike Mundy, Jeremy Howard, Jessica Von Braun, Spencer Wilding, Nikki Blackburn, SKS Props, Todd Sheet, Keith Van Sickle, Butthead Studios, Stacey Haiduk, Claudia Christian, Phil Morris, Cam Clarke, Renae Jacobs, Noelle Hannibal, Leslie Easterbrook, Kansas City Comic Con, Planet Comicon, Topcon, Empower Comic Con, Club Geek, Cosmic Collectibles, Little Apple Comic Expo, Trail West Festival, ICT Comic Con and Science Fiction Expo, KCXW, Sausomecon, Britishfest, Ghostbusters Fan Fest, Smallville, Fountain City Mini Con, and Slash and Bash.

Nathan Smith would like to thank...
Patrick Barnitt, Michael Haze, Judge Hellfest, Neal Haze, Kevin Harris, Martin Kodi Peterson, Aaron Rabe, Jason O'Barr, Dilynn Fawn Harvey, BeeJay Hawn, Jason Mewes, Kevin Eastman, Rikk Wolf, Little Beard, Shannon Elizabeth, and all the fans.

Eric Schuetz would like to thank, and say...
Honestly, everyone thanked above covers them all.  However, I personally want to thank those that tuned in and watched all over the videos that were put out in the near decade of production.  So many comments and views that helped steer the channel in a direction that produced engaging and fun content that mattered to the viewers.

What we really want to do is take this moment to address one major thing.  The opportunities and adventures that Notes and Nerds has provided.  Meeting very specific individuals that offered the chance to appear in films, host and moderate panels, and to have the chance to work inside of the machinations of a convention.  Things that we personally feel would never have happened without Notes and Nerds being the vehicle to engage with the large swatch of individuals that has come and gone before us.

As this door closes, new ones are always waiting to be opened.

I'm Nathan, I'm Eric, and we have been Notes and Nerds!

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