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Wednesday, October 6, 2021

What If... Episode 9 (Review)

What If... The Watcher Broke His Oath?

Warning: Spoiler Alerts Ahead

The Watcher appears in the various universes shown in the season, and selects Captain Carter, T'Challa, Gamora, Killmonger, Black Widow, and Thor from each. They are brought together in a Pub from Carter's past. There they are met by Doctor Strange and are re-greeted by The Watcher. The Watcher explains to them the seriousness of the situation because they are the multiverse's last heroes and dubs them "The Guardians of the Multiverse".

After Strange and The Watcher explains their purpose to defeat Ultron, The Guardians put their plan in motion. Strange and The Guardians teleport to a planet absent of human life to make a stand against Ultron. The Watcher teleports Gamora and Killmonger away while the rest take on Ultron. In the middle of battle T'Challa is able to removed the Soul stone from Ultron's uniform.

As the rest of the Guardians teleport away, Doctor Strange casts a spell dumping hundreds of zombies on Ultron. After Ultron breaks free, he is face to face with a zombie version of the Scarlet Witch. The Guardians and Strange make it to Black Widow's Earth, with the Soul Stone. Widow is unsure on what is going on but trusts Captain Carter. Ultron appears in the sky and wants his stone back, and starts to teleport Black Widow to him.

The battle continues and a game of "Keep Away" begins. Gamora brings her sword right down the middle of Ultron, but Ultron uses the Time stone to undone the attack. Doctor Strange, who also has a Time stone stops Ultron from taking the Soul stone back. Strange releases all his dark forces and slams Ultron to the ground. The Guardians hold Ultron drown while Gamora destroys the stones with the Stone Crusher.

However, this fails and Ultron still stands. Ultron realizes he must destroy Doctor Strange because Strange is the strongest Guardian. While Ultron focuses on Strange, Carter and Natasha are able to get to him, remove his face plate and plunge the arrow with Zola's virus into Ultron's eye. Zola takes over Ultron but Killmonger has other plans.  By using an Ultron drone head Killmonger is able to obtain Ultron's suit and the Infinity Stones.

Zola, who has taken over Ultron's body wants Ultron's suit and the stones from himself. Strange is able to cast a spell that traps them within a "micro-pocket-universe" unto themselves. The Watcher then teleports Strange and a trapped Zola and Killmonger to Doctor Strange's pocket universe. The Watcher thanks the Guardians, and returns them back to their worlds. Captain Carter is hesitant to go because she doesn't want to live in a world without Steve Rogers but she chooses to go back anyway.

The only Gaudian remaining was Natasha, the only living being on her planet. Natasha refuses to go back. The Watcher takes her to a world that lost their Black Widow. She is quickly embraced by that world's Avengers, and Nick Fury. The Watcher promises that no matter what happens that he will protect his worlds to the end.

In a mid-credit scene Captain Carter and Black Widow find a cargo container that has the HYDRA Stomper in it. Widow then reveals that their is someone inside...who is inside?  We do not know as the scene fades and the remaining credits roll.

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Marvel Studios' What If...?  (Official Trailer)

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