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Sunday, October 3, 2021

What If... Episode 8 (Review)


What If... Ultron Won?

Warning: Spoiler Alerts Ahead

On a post-apocalyptic earth, remaining survivors Natasha Romanoff and Clint Barton are Earth's only hope to defeat Ultron and his robotic army. Because in this reality, Ultron got his wish and was able to fuse an organic body, machine, and mind into one. Vision never was created, and Ultron destroyed the world. Ultron killed the Avengers and all human life on earth expert for Black Window and Hawkeye.

After Ultron destroyed the earth and got his piece. Thanos shows up with the Infinity Gauntlet, with the all the stones expect the mind stone which Ultron possessed. Thanos was easily taken out by Ultron, then Ultron went on to destroy Asgard, The Sovereign, Sakaar, the planet Ego, and Xandar. Ultron went fist to fist with Captain Marvel but in the end, Ultron was just to power to be stopped.

As Ultron stand in the emptiness, he realize he still wasn't alone. He realized their was still a another. He noticed... The Watcher. The Watcher is a ancient being that can only watcher over but can never intervene. With Ultron knowing this, The Watcher had to be destroyed. Back on Earth, Natasha and Client were trying to find a way to shut down Ultron.

Black Window and Hawkeye find a file in the Russian archives that lead them to an old HYDRA base in Siberia. While The Watcher cheers them on from afar, he is interrupted by Ultron, who had finally found him. The battle between Ultron and The Watcher begins. Natasha and Client make it to Siberia, to find Arnim Zola or the program that is Arnim Zola. They are able to upload Zola file into one of Hawkeye's special arrows.

Ultron's army storm the based, but Hawkeye is able to download Zola's file into one of Ultron's robotic soldiers. Natasha and the Zola droid escape after Hawkeye gave his life to save them and aid their escape. Zola's drone sent a signal blast to infiltrate Ultron's hives but is unsuccessful after realizing that Ultron isn't in their universe.

The battle continues between Ultron and The Watchers. They fight on and on though different worlds, universes, and multi-verses. Just when Ultron might win, The Watcher teleports to another realm. The Watcher feels defeated but is comforted by another version of Doctor Strange that make him realize that he will have to break his oath and intervene.

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Marvel Studios' What If...?  (Official Trailer)

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