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Sunday, October 3, 2021

20 Things You Didn't Know About Notes & Nerds

20 Things You Didn't Know About Notes & Nerds

With almost a decade of existence, Notes & Nerds has become a well-know Youtube series and social media entity. But not much has been know about the behind the of Notes & Nerds, or it's creators Eric Schuetz and Nathan Smith until now. 

  1. Before forming Notes & Nerds, Schuetz already had a YouTube series "Abnormal Society", and Smith had his own show "Music Hour with Nathan Smith" on a local cable access channel.
  2. Schuetz and Smith worked at a bar...Rosey's Cantina...together as DJs before creating Notes & Nerds
  3. It took Schuetz and Smith less then an hour to come up with Notes & Nerds, and it's basic premise.
  4. Notes & Nerds was created in late December of 2012.
  5. The very first episode of Notes & Nerds was filmed in an abandoned flower shop in Hiawatha, Kansas.
  6. In the first season of Notes & Nerds, Schuetz and Smith would do movie mock-up skits to show their acting and directing abilities.
  7. During a Spider-Man skit Smith was injured when a blast of silly string went into his eyes, leaving Smith semi-blinded for almost an hour.
  8. Notes & Nerds mock-up movie "The Termi-Nater" was one of the most popular skits, and received hundreds of views on YouTube.
  9. During the late second season Schuetz and Smith had added 4 new shows; Retro Gaming Nerds, Nom Nom Nerds, The Existential Nerd, and Back in the Day. They also brought back Smith's Music Hour.
  10. During Schuetz and Smith's time in Notes & Nerds, it caused friction in the personal lives among their spouses due to their filming and  Con touring schedules.
  11. Schuetz and Smith once wore bikinis as a marketing ploy to boost their popularity and ratings. 
  12. Smith was once jokingly asked to do a hot tub interview with Actress Noelle Hannibal.
  13. Schuetz had gotten scolded for interrupting Actress Gigi Edgley during a Comic Con panel.
  14.  During an interview with Cosplayer Aaron Rabe, dressed as Captain Jack Sparrow. Smith kept addressing him as Captain Spaulding from the movie House of 1,000 Corpses.
  15. At Empower Comic Con 2016, Schuetz took a fall off the main stage and permanently damage his left leg.
  16. The last Comic Con Schuetz and Smith were at together was Topcon 2016.
  17. In January of 2017, Smith was forced out of Notes & Nerds due to Schuetz and Smith enteral problems with flaring egos, lack of communication, and Schuetz' health problems.
  18. After Notes & Notes, Smith created his own photography company "Broken Lens Photography".
  19. In 2021, Schuetz and Smith re-united, bringing the original "Note-man" back to Notes & Nerds.
  20. In mid-2021, Schuetz retired from Notes and Nerds. 

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