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Wednesday, September 1, 2021

What If... Episode 4 (Review)

What If... Doctor Strange Lost His Heart Instead of His Hands

Warning: Spoiler Alerts Ahead

In this alternate timeline, Stephen and Christine's relationship is more serious and they are very much in love. On the way to Dr. Strange's award ceremony Stephen and Christine get into a car accident and Christine is killed. So with the death of Strange's love, he is bound and determined to bring her back. Dr. Strange learns the mystic art from the Ancient One, and discovers knowledge of time traveling. He goes back in time, over and over but still can't change the events of Christine's death. Confronted by the ghost of the Ancient One, he is warned about the Absolute Point.

Strange find himself in another point in time after Ancient One teleports him. Dr. Strange searches for answers in the book of Cagliostro. Strange finds a way to break the Absolute Point by absorbing the life force of other beings. But by absorbing the power he starts to change. strange finds out the he isn't the only Dr. Strange is that universe. Now Dr. Strange is face to face with Dr. Strange. The misguided Strange needs Dr. Strange's life force to resurrect Christine.

After Strange absorbs the other Dr. Strange's life forge, he bring Christine back from the dead. But Christine sees a monster before her due to the thing Strange did to bring her back. Because Dr. Strange broke the Absolute Point and the universe was imploding. The Watcher makes himself know to Strange but The Watcher can't do anything, he cant interfere. Sadly, the world collapses and everything is gone.

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Marvel Studios' What If...?  (Official Trailer)

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