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Thursday, July 29, 2021

Retro Movie Review: Rock & Rule

A demented rock god wants to raise a demonic entity, so he can rule the world but will need the voice of an angel to make his plan come true.

So after the world goes to hell in a handbasket. A mutant race of dogs, cats, and rats inherit the earth.
The crazed Rockstar "MOK" is searching for the source of power to raise an unholy demon from the great beyond. But his need a special vocal frequency to unlock the power. 

Meanwhile in Ohmtown. Drats (Angel, Omar, Dizzy, and Stretch) perform at local clubs to get their sound out. Angel trying to convince Omar to let her sing one of her ballad song opposed to one of Omar's rebellious heavier songs. After Angel sings, it catches the ear of MOK. MOK realizing the her vocal is the key of power, he springs in to action to obtain her while trying to rid himself of the other members of Drats. 

Mok is forced to kidnap Angel when Stretch and Dizzy figure out something not right. Omar feeling betrayed by Angel, is not so eager to spring into action. But after Omar, Dizzy, and Stretch find middle ground, they devise a plan to get Angel back. Omar is slowing realizing how much he really cares for Angel. The gang follow Mok to Nuke York, where Mok plans to summon the the demonic monster (Armageddon).

When Mok's plan fails, he must retreat back to Ohmtown to seak a power supple strong enough to amplify the Angel's voice. By using Ohmtown's power plant, Mok's can now bring "Armageddon" through. The night of the concert to bring Armageddon. Omar, Strtech, and Dizzy have every intention to stop Mok and Armageddon. By using Angel voice, Mok is able to summon "Armageddon" to their world. 

With Armageddon unleashed the destruction unfolds. During the struggle Armageddon tries to kill Angel but it saved by Omar, who is saved by Zip, one of Mok's hechman, Zip believing he is not a bad guy, gives his life to protect them. Angel and Omar sing together to drive "Armageddon" back to it dimension. 

Meanwhile Toad finds his dying brother, and tries to comfort him. In Zip's last words, he says "For Uncle Mikey, for us. Toad, we aint evil are we?". Toad, in a painful rage finds Mok and throughs his into the dimensional portal, for being responsible for his brother's death. Armageddon is gone, Mok dead, and Omar finally shows his love to Angel.

Rock & Rule characters:

Omar is a lead singer/guitarist for the Drats. He's cocky, stuber, insensitive,  and egocentric.

Angel is a singer/keyboardist for the Drats. She's quiet, humble, passionate, and pretty much lives in Omar's shadow. 

Dizzy is the drummer for the Drats. He's intelligent, the voice of reason, and protective of his friends/bandmates.

Stretch is the bassist for the Drats He's childish, dumb, and cowardice..

Mokiiligan Swagger is a legendary Rock singer. He's intelligent, evil, proudful, and extremely revengeful..

The Schlepper Brothers (Toad, Sleazy, and Zip) are Mok's henchmen. Toad is the oldest brother and apparently the leader of them, Sleazy is the middle brother, and Zip is the youngest brother.

Cindy is the sister to The Schlepper Brothers. She's wild and free. 

Armageddon is the demonic monster who is imprisoned in a another dimension.

Movie Facts: 
  • Mokiiligan Swagger, is based on The Rolling Stones lead singer Mick Jagger. Mick Jagger was approached to play Mok, but turned it down.
  • Omar's voice was originally voiced a Canadian actor, but MGM Studios brought in an American actor to redo Omar's voice.
  • Nelvana Productions was offered the chance to work on Heavy Metal, but declined to produce it's first feature film, Rock & Rule.
  • MGM Studio marketed the movie as a children movie, which it wasn't.
  • MGM Studio was the reason why that Nelvana's Rock & Rule tanked at the Box Office. The movie only earned a bit over 30,000.00 on it's release, due to MGM limiting where the movie could be viewed.

My Review...
This is a movie I grew up with. I would watch this as a kid. The movies is an over-all masterpiece.  There are some parts of the movie that are all over the place, but the plot is creative.  It also helps that the animation is amazing. There are some of the characters that are not so memorable, but characters like Mok stole the spotlight. My favorite characters have always been Mok, Angel, and The Schlepper Brothers. I never really like Omar, he was kind of a douchebag until the ending. Dizzy & Stretch were likable, but very much side characters. I was always intrigued by Armageddon, because it's design was amazing!

Relic or Revisit...
Definitely, revisit! It's a post-apocalyptic animated musical movie. It's in line with movies like Heavy Metal and Wizards. Like I said in my Review, it's a masterpiece in it's own right.

Let us not forget about Rock & Rule's Soundtrack. Featuring Deborah ''Debbie'' Harry from Blondie, Cheap Trick, Earth Wind & Fire, Lou Reed, Iggy Pop, and many more. Mok's singing voice is provided by Lou Reed and Iggy Pop. Deborah Harry is the singing voice of Angel, and Omar singing voice is Robin Zander of Cheap Trick.

Soundtrack List:

  1. Cheap Trick – Born To Raise Hell [LP version] 
  2. Deborah Harry – Angel’s Song (Send Love Through) 
  3. Lou Reed – My Name Is Mok 
  4. Cheap Trick – I’m The Man [LP version] 
  5. Earth Wind And Fire – Dance Dance Dance 
  6. Cheap Trick – Ohm Sweet Ohm [LP version] 
  7. Lou Reed – Triumph 
  8. Melleny Brown – Hot Dogs & Sushi 
  9. Deborah Harry – Invocation Song 
  10. Iggy Pop – Pain & Suffering 
  11. Deborah Harry and Robin Zander – Angel’s Song (Send Love Through) 
  12. Deborah Harry – Maybe For Sure
  13. Deborah Harry – Angel’s Song (Send Love Through) [Cassette mix] 
  14. Deborah Harry – Invocation Song [Mono cassette mix) 
  15. Lou Reed – My Name is Mok [Cassette mix] 
  16. Iggy Pop – Pain & Suffering [Zombie Birdhouse LP version] 
  17. Lou Reed – Triumph [Movie Mix] 
  18. Deborah Harry and Robin Zander – Angel’s Song (Send Love Through) [Movie mix] 
  19. Deborah Harry – Invocation Song [Movie Mix] 
  20. Iggy Pop – Pain & Suffering [Movie mix] 
  21. Lou Reed – My Name is Mok [Movie mix] 
  22. Lou Reed – Triumph [Mono cassette mix] 
  23. Iggy Pop – Pain & Suffering [Mono cassette/VHS mix] 

Rock & Rule (1983) Trailer HD

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