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Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Reviewing Marvel's Wandavision Series (Spoiler Alerts)


Disney and Marvel are coming out swinging with shows like Wandavsion and Falcon and the Winter Soldier already out, and the Loki series halfway through its first season.  Here we discuss Wandavision, but be warned...there are spoilers ahead if you are still holding out for some reason.

Wandavision takes place after Avengers: Infinity War. A very lost and confused Wanda Maximoff morns the death of her lover and companion Vision, who was killed by Thanos. Wanda retreats back to a small town (Westview) only to lose herself in her pain and tragedy causing her magic to take over and manifest a giant magic dome around the town, and putting a spell on all the towns people. During all this Wanda is able to create a version of Vision.

Wanda Maximoff grew up in the middle of a war tore country and her only escape was American sitcom. So series crosses sitcom eras from 50's, 60's, 70's, 80's and 90's while tapping into tv shows like The Dick Van Dyke Show, Leave it to Beaver, Growing Pain, Family Ties, and Full House. This definitely play a big role in the show. So while this is going on inside the dorm, the outside is still going on five years later the Thanos Snap, and after Hulk had returned everybody using the Ironman Infinity Gauntlet. We introduce to a couple familiar faces outside Wanda's magical dome, and older version of Monica Rambeau (Captain Marvel franchise), Jimmy Woo (Ant-man franchise), and Darcy Lewis (Thor franchise). Darcy Lewis was able to decrypt a signal coming from the dome using a vintage television that present it self as as a sitcom series.

This series has two main antagonists, Agatha Harkness and SWORD's Director Tyler Hayward. Agatha is presented as Wanda's friend and next-door neighbor to be found out later to be a witch after Wanda's powers. Director Hayward is very double-sided as the Director of SWORD. We find out later in the series that Director Hayward has rebuilt Vision from his corpse and wants use Vision as a weapon. In the finale Wanda goes head to head or witch to witch with Agatha, with Wanda defeating her. Wanda's Vision and SWORD's Vision battle it out to come to a decision that their can only be one true Vision. Monica, Darcy, and Jimmy take down Director Tyler Hayward.

There is a lot of stuff that happens in the span of this 9 episode series. Wanda and Vision have children (Billy & Tommy), Monica Rambeau gets super powers, Wanda's brother Pietro comes back from the dead... kind of, and The Sorcerer Supreme is mentioned. If there is anything about this series that one should know, it serves the purpose to bridge the gap from Avengers: Endgame to Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. Wandavision is available now on Disney+.

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