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Monday, June 28, 2021

Noteworthy Weekly Watch: Sam Perry


Sam Perry is a singer and looping artist most known for winning series seven of Australia's The Voice in 2018. But who is this mystery man...

Sam Perry is not your normal singer or musician. He is a vocal loop artist. What is a vocal loop art? It's someone who makes noise or sounds with their mouth or vocals, and loops it through a a device called a Loop Station. With this device you can layer many sounds, or beatboxing beats, to form a tone or a song.

Sam has spent many years crafting his skills, and maybe one of the best vocal loop artist around. Sam Perry tried out for Australia's The Voice in 2018, where he chose to be mentored by Kelly Rowland of Destiny's Child. Perry would go on to win the season 7 competition. Immediately after Perry's win, his single "Trust Myself" was released but was met with very little hype. There was definitely some confusion between Sam Perry and Universal Music Australia on Perry's sound.

Since then, Sam Perry has took his career and music into his own hands. Perry has taken to YouTube to make himself heard. In Perry's videos, you get to hear his true sound and abilities. 

Sam Perry Links:

Sam Perry - Vocal Loop Artist 

Sam Perry - Trust Myself (Live Remix)

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